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July 19-21 Greystone’s Multi Estate Sale

Surprise! Greystone Antiques is having a BIG Multi Estate Sale on July 19-21 from 10 am to 5 pm each day. You do not want to miss this event at a business on Augusta since 1972. We’re pretty sure this is going to be a Must-Go event. Mark your calendars!


To all our members and incoming members, this will be one of our best Annual Meetings you can’t miss. A special speaker will discuss “AI for Business”, all kinds of business. Chatgbt basics to conducting easy work/life/marketing balance. Members put it on your list and calendar to attend.

April 20 is Blockhouse 43rd Anniversary Party

The Blockhouse Restaurant and Oyster Bar is 43 years old. If you live in Greenville then you have patroned the locally famous Blockhouse. If you haven’t then this party is the perfect time to visit! Owners, Charlie and Dana McMullen, invite you to join them to celebrate 43 years with The Blockhouse on Saturday, April… Read more »

Final Plan Reveal

Augusta Street’s third and final traffic plan was announced on Tuesday, April 9th at Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall on Augusta Street at 5:30 p.m. Neighborhoods, residents, travelers, and even mail delivery services were waiting to see the final plans. Worries of cut-through traffic, median placements, and business access was on top of the mind… Read more »

April 9 FINAL meeting of Augusta Traffic Plan

The Augusta Street businesses and residents will meet with the City of Greenville on Tuesday, August 9th at Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 5:30 pm, to view and hear the final plans for traffic safety on Augusta Street. This will be the third meeting the community has had with city officials and engineers. The… Read more »


Cut-through traffic is still on the horizon for Augusta Street neighborhoods. While the newly unveiled plan has reduced some traffic concerns, the community is still vocalizing the inevitable spots that will be hit hard. If you live here, look at the plan envision your destinations, and how you will get there. Zoom into the plan,… Read more »


THIS MEETING HAS TAKEN PLACE. THE BELOW GRAPHICS ARE NOT CURRENT. NEW INFO WILL BE UPLOADED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Augusta Road Business Association (ARBA) members are ready to meet with the city again. ARBA met with city traffic engineers in November. The City presented using a projector and a large screen to show the… Read more »


Augusta Road Business Association (ARBA) will be hosting its Annual Holiday Open House this year on Sunday, November 12, 2023, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. This celebration has been taking place on historic Augusta Street in Greenville, SC since the ’80s. Businesses on Augusta keep this tradition alive by hosting festivities, sales, contests, specials, and sweet… Read more »

ARBA Annual Meeting Aug. 9

This event is for business members of Augusta Road Business Association or if you are interested in becoming a member. We will hear the status of ARBA and what it’s all about. Wednesday, August 9th. Tips, tricks and updates you should know about SOCIAL MEDIA with speaker Marisa Stephens, social media director of Southern First Bank. AKA… Read more »