Augusta Road Business Association was created to help bring community and businesses together in the Augusta Road area. We are proud of the community progress we have made over the years from Holiday Open House, which started in the 1980's, to the newly added Annual Summer on Augusta Festival as well as partnerships with local schools and communications with the city on progress of Augusta Road. We have created new avenues for the Augusta Road community to engage and we look forward to paving new avenues in the future.

If you have any ideas for members of ARBA please reach out to us! onlyonaugusta@gmail.com

Here are some highlights from our first year doing ARBA in Residence at Hughes Academy of Science and Technology. Of the course of the school year members will attend a class at Hughes to give them a hands on learning experience. Heather Frechette, co-owner of The 05, worked with the kids to create a business budget. Kenny Rhodes, of Kenneth Rhodes & Associates, discussed what insurance is, how it is used and the different types.



  Lila James of Augusta Road Neighbors Magazine created a project for Mr. Black's graphics class to teach appropriate color arranging and theory for professional publications. You can see some of their logos and articles written by clicking here.

Also, Mr. Jeremy Blake and Mr. Alex Spainhour, from Bernhardt House of Violins, visited Mrs. Hastings Strings class to explain how their instruments are made and the correct way to take care of the instrument.