Final Plan Reveal

Augusta Street’s third and supposed final traffic plan will be announced on Tuesday, April 9th at Westminster Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall on Augusta Street at 5:30 p.m. Neighborhoods, residents, travelers, and even mail delivery services have been waiting to see the final plans. Worries of cut-through traffic, median placements, and business access has been on… Read more »


Cut-through traffic is still on the horizon for Augusta Street neighborhoods. While the newly unveiled plan has reduced some traffic concerns, the community is still vocalizing the inevitable spots that will be hit hard. If you live here, look at the plan envision your destinations, and how you will get there. Zoom into the plan,… Read more »

Have you seen Phase II? Feb. 27 new version revealed

THIS MEETING HAS TAKEN PLACE. THE GRAPHICS BELOW ARE NOT CURRENT. We will get the new visuals uploaded as soon as we can! ALERT – A second public meeting will be Tuesday, February 27 at 5:30 pm to unveil a new version of the future of Augusta Street. It will take place at Westminster Presbyterian… Read more »

Happy HalloThanksmas!

Halloween is here and the weather will be nice and cool. Leaves are already starting to fall as Autumn comes on Augusta Street (yes, we often say Road and that’s a historical habit). About this time each year, the trickle of pumpkins, turkeys, Christmas trees, and all things holiday begins taking over your thoughts. This… Read more »

Annual Meeting 2023

On August 9th members of Augusta Road Business Association sat together after a long and overdue gathering (due to covid of course). They said cheers to long-time fellow members and created new relationships. The event was geared towards educating the members on ARBA’s benefits as a loaded resource businesses can use. A consulting tool when… Read more »

ARBA Annual Meeting Aug. 9

This event is for business members of Augusta Road Business Association or if you are interested in becoming a member. We will hear the status of ARBA and what it’s all about. Wednesday, August 9th. Tips, tricks and updates you should know about SOCIAL MEDIA with speaker Marisa Stephens, social media director of Southern First Bank. AKA… Read more »

Have you read this?

The Augusta Street area community has been on edge with the announcement of the Greenville 2040 future plan. Many of you may have seen the red yard signs along the road. Educate yourself and make sure you read the plan that may affect your specific neighborhood too. Go HERE for the full plan. Some in… Read more »

Community Support!

We need your support more than ever this year. After two years without SOA we are gearing up and making plans for the festivities on June 16-19, 2022. Of course, we are bringing back some of the original events you know and love, and are interested to hear what additional ideas the community has to… Read more »

Traffic & Safety on Augusta

Augusta Street safety has been at the forefront of concerns for the Greenville community. Many of you follow the threads on Nextdoor for information. We attended the traffic meeting this Summer and since then a website by The City Of Greenville has been created for you to follow the most current news, greenvillesc.gov/1881/Augusta-Street-Safety-Improvements. At this time The city recognizes… Read more »

#hohonaugusta2019 Winner!

Congratulations to Julie Mizel for winning the 2019 Holiday Open House Instagram Contest! Thousands of people, excited for the holidays to begin, came to the Annual Holiday Open House on Augusta Street on Sunday, November 24. It was created in the 1980’s by the first Augusta Road Business Association members. It continues each year making… Read more »