Cut-through traffic is still on the horizon for Augusta Street neighborhoods. While the newly unveiled plan has reduced some traffic concerns, the community is still vocalizing the inevitable spots that will be hit hard. If you live here, look at the plan envision your destinations, and how you will get there. Zoom into the plan, wait for the blur to clear, and find your medians and roadblocks HERE. Yes, it is four sheets. Make your COMMENTS HERE.

We know that everyone is busy. We know your time is precious. We are TELLING YOU NOW THAT YOU HAVE TILL MARCH 15 to give your much-needed feedback.

Be aware that some of the plan is positive. Although, we still need more BALANCE for the safety of the neighborhoods and livelihoods of the businesses.

As the voice of all the businesses on Augusta Street we urge you to get your HEADS UP and give your due diligence with urgent feedback.