Annual Meeting 2023

On August 9th members of Augusta Road Business Association sat together after a long and overdue gathering (due to covid of course). They said cheers to long-time fellow members and created new relationships. The event was geared towards educating the members on ARBA's benefits as a loaded resource businesses can use. A consulting tool when you need it the most. Members helping members needs and curating on-the-spot ideas for everyone to implement for success. Thank you to Mayor Knox White, Councilmember Dorothy Dowe, economic development for city Olivia Vassey and Lieutenant Andrew Sturman for talking all things at a business owner's top of mind. 

Also, a huge shout it to Marisa Stephens from Southern First Bank for educating our group on Social Media updates, strategies, and CONTEXT 🤓. Thank you all for coming. Let’s do it again soon.