Sixth Annual Tomato Pie Contest!


It's a favorite Southern savory dish we South Carolinians look forward to in the summertime. Try that family recipe your relatives love or get creative mixing recipe ideas.  Amateur cooks only! Click Tomato Pie Contest Form for information and to enter! The 2018 Judges will be, the 2017 winner Rebecca Batson, Russell Stall from City Council, Gvl Today's Kendall Henderson and Style Envy's Ashley Bickerstaff.

What's so great about tomato pie?
Ahh it's that time of year where the farmer's market weather is warm and those ripe tomatoes bring back memories of southern summer tomato pies. For those that don't understand that it's not a pizza well...you'll have to just come and taste why. That's right! Once the judging takes place the pies are available for tasting. Or better yet why don't you just make one! Tomato Pie Contest Form.

When and where does the Tomato Pie Contest happen? At The Pickwick of course, 3219 Augusta Street. Contest will begin at 2:00 pm and winner announced around 4:00 pm. Good luck!