Let’s Celebrate Fall

Autumn is here on Augusta Street (yes, we often say Road and that's a historical habit). Anyway, the leaves are falling, school is in session, your feeling the weather change and the trickle of pumpkins and holidays begins to take over your thoughts.

We are all business owners here on Augusta and members of Augusta Road Business Association. Together we spend the fall season prepping for our Annual Holiday Open House, which takes place Sunday, November 19, 2017, from 1 to 5 and is always the Sunday before Thanksgiving. You can also view the list of specials that day here.

Over the years we have had many people ask: why we have this event that celebrates the Christmas Holidays before Thanksgiving even happens? Here's a series of answers: a. We enjoy kicking off Greenville's holiday season and have been doing this on this date since the 1980's. b. It's a fantastic time to get the kids excited for what is coming, have a little hot cocoa and let the nostalgic memory making begin. c. The best answer...it's crazy in December and this gives your family a chance to enjoy the traditions of gift giving, meeting Santa, carriage rides and more in a fun relaxed way.

Do we celebrate Fall? Of course we do! Visit our Facebook page anytime and you're sure to find ARBA businesses and members having Fun in Fall (aka yes you will find sales and much more).

For more information about Holiday Open House click here.

Happy Fall Y'all,

All the members of Augusta Road Business Association