St. Patty’s Day Games!

Looking for some fun ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with your family?

Here are 5 games you can play on the 17th that are super easy and big on fun!

Find the Coin - Have all the players sit in a circle.  One child is chosen as the “Leprechaun” and must stand with eyes closed.  The leader hands a gold coin to one of the other players and they hide the coin behind their back.  The “Leprechaun” then opens his/her eyes and has to guess who has the lost piece of gold.

Shamrock Dance - Place green cut-out shamrocks all over the living room floor.  Play some happy Irish jig music and let everyone dance around.  When the music is turned off, players must run and find a shamrock to stand on.

Hot Potato - Grab a potato and pass it around in this lively game while listening to Irish music.  Whoever is holding the potato when the music pauses gets to be in charge of the music for the next round.

**You can get Free Irish music HERE**

This is just a couple of ideas so get creative. Think Shamrock Treasure Hunt!