ARBA Visit’s Mr. Black’s Graphics Class



Intro to Article

As part of our Digital Desktop Publishing classroom we were delighted to be presented an opportunity to work with Lila James and the Augusta Road Business Association. The students in the publishing classroom were tasked to brainstorm and develop a series of logos. The first logo they created was void of color theory and design principles, we called these our “ugly logos”. The second set of logos created were designed with correct design principles and using appropriate methods of color arranging and theory. We called these logos our “professional logos”. The desired outcome was to show a before and after of our progress as we developed the skills to design publications in the classroom environment. The students were also given the assignment to write a short article highlighting the importance that technology classes played in preparing each of them for their future goals and aspirations. The following is a small reflection of the hard work and dedication devoted to this partnership with Ms. James and ARBA.

Article 1

Did you know that you can make a brochure or a flyer using a computer or that you can learn how to balance colors using color theory? If you do not, you can learn all of this in the class Digital Desktop Publishing. DDP is a class that teaches people how to make brochures, flyers, business cards, and also helps with designing a business plan.  I took Digital Desktop Publishing because I wanted to learn how to start a new business and how to make that business successful. One of my favorite things to do in DDP is learning something new about design every day. I get to learn how to blend colors properly, which colors look best together, and how to make things that are useful to my career goals. This class has been helpful to my future.

The main goals for teachers at a school should be to prepare students for the future. In the class Digital Desktop Publishing we have been taught many skills that can be very useful in the future. For example one of the many skills that we have learned is how to market your business correctly, this skill is used to attract more customers. I believe that Digital Desktop Publishing and the technology classes offered at Hughes Academy have better prepared me for my future.

At Hughes Academy the teachers and staff go out of their way to put you first and to make sure that you are ready for the next step in your career.  I am thankful that I have the opportunity to take this class and I am also very thankful to all the teachers and staff who made my classes enjoyable and educational. I am grateful for all of those who have invested in my future and I am glad that I got to take this wonderful class at Hughes Academy.

-Ava Ball


Article 2

You should take Digital Desktop Publishing because it will be helpful in the future. This class has taught me how to market a small business and how to create a flyer that gets people’s attention. Not only have I learned about Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word, but also things like Color Theory and the Principles of Design. My favorite thing about Desktop Publishing is designing a blank slate into something with color and meaning. I am proud of my projects and have a feeling of accomplishment when I turn those projects in to my teacher.

The information I learn in this class is valued beyond belief. As humanity moves into a digital world the knowledge of how to use applications like Publisher, Word, and Photoshop is essential. Although Digital Desktop Publishing is the only technology class I have taken at Hughes, I am learning more than I thought I would and am having fun while doing so.

I feel better prepared for my future in high school, college, and my future job. I will always remember the things I learned in this class and it is all thanks to Mr. Black and all of the other teachers and staff who invested in me and my future.

-Sean Yeary